Praise Dancing Children
Dance is a great way to get children involved in worship. Instead of just sitting, and squirming, this gives them a way of expressing love to God, and using their nervous energy.

The only true requirement to be a member of the choir, praise team, and/or praise dancer is a willingness to be empty of self, so that you can become full of Him. Ability, training, talent, or gracefulness arenít requirements, just a heart that truly wants to worship the Lord. In fact, training, talent, and ability can get in the way, because they can be the tools that Satan uses to bring pride into our dance, instead of a heart of worship. That doesnít mean that training isnít helpful though. Just like singing, or playing an instrument in worship, it is necessary to learn it. When you sing, you are using the vocabulary of the language, and the notes to express your worship. One of the things that King David is known for in the Bible is his praise and worship. Much of the book of Psalms (songs of praises) was written by David, and the Davidic style of worship has been practiced in Israel for many years, even unto today.

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